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Choosing the right Amazon Ads partner can be a tricky decision. We offer a free PPC audit so you can see how we operate before you’re even a client.

As well as an in depth look at your advertising, we also cover several other key areas which impact your growth and profitability on Amazon.

In addition to creating an in depth PPC plan broken down by product (or product groups),

We will review:


This part is super simple. If you’re already running advertising we look at your Net SKU margin per product. We can help identify products which are losing you money and identify what the cause is. Profitability is a core part of our audit process with any brand. It’s a perfectly acceptable strategy in many cases to advertise a product at a break even point or even at a loss for various reasons. But this needs to be an agreed part of the plan and closely monitored to assess the results.


Your product detail pages and store need to convert. We work with you to assess each listing and decide which are ‘advertising ready’ and which need to be improved. Spending money on PPC only gets potential customers to the page, we need to also check and monitor that they are converting once they get there. With the increased level of competition on Amazon, following best practices, aligning PPC and SEO strategies, and ensuring you are making use of images, videos and A+ content is key.

Customer Experience

Reviews can make or break your product. One of the keys to converting well is building up a good number of positive reviews for your product. Your reviews are also a goldmine of information about how you can improve your product, listing pages, and if there are any ongoing issues arising with products that you need to be aware of. When you’re deciding which products to advertise, taking reviews into consideration should be a major factor. I mean, would you buy a product on Amazon if it had a 3.5 star rating?


Stock levels are a critical part of any Amazon PPC strategy. There is no point in running ads for products which are going to run out of stock anyway. And not to mention that stock outs can cause problems with your best selling products’ organic rankings. We can help you create a forecast by SKU ensuring you understand just how much stock you need in Amazon at any given time. Our software also helps us monitor other stock issues such as excess inventory fees and if ads are running on low stock products.



Red Dog PPC Limited
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10:10 09 Feb 24
I've worked with Hannah and the team for 3 months and have found them to be honest, knowledgeable and great at what they do. I'd strongly recommend Red Dog PPC to any Amazon Seller looking for PPC support.
Zohaib AhmadZohaib Ahmad
10:26 16 Jan 24
Very happy with Red Dog. They have helped us grow our business on Amazon and also reduced our advertising costs greatly. I highly recommend
Matt LaneMatt Lane
09:45 13 Jun 23
Hannah worked with us at Dentsu for a 4 month period in which she was asked to manage one of our largest Amazon clients. This role involved budget management, reporting, client communications, ad-hoc client requests, forecasting, optimisation and much more. Hannah also helped support some of our new starters in their training, getting them off the ground and setting work/giving feedback.Hannah demonstrated excellent account management skills and was an integral role on the account whilst she was at Dentsu - we never had any performance challenges and saw the benefit of her experience on the account at a crucial growth period for Amazon within the agency. We would be delighted to work with Hannah again on future projects should the opportunity present itself.
Gaby NovelliGaby Novelli
11:00 12 Jun 23
Only worked with Red Dog for a few months but Hannah, Jacob and her team really go the extra mile. Very efficient, professional, quick to respond, organised and great to work with.

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